Apples, Oranges and Bananas: Wordpress and Drupal


Drupal and Wordpress are very different beasts, much like a tiger and a domestic cat. That's not meant to be offensive in any way since most people can't afford a tiger and the amount of litter necessary to maintain a hygienic atmosphere. There's a reason why you rarely see big cats as LOLcats. There's a reason why you don't run around with catnip in your pants at the local zoo. Of course, if one digs too deep into the metaphor someone is going to get upset. That is not the point. It allowed me to use one of my images. C'mon. Cut me some slack.

As someone with deep roots in Drupal, I'd like to return the Season's Greetings sent from the Wordpress community. It's a very well thought out article and rather than reiterate it, I'm going to add to it. The discussion of Drupal, Wordpress and Joomla is often blown way out of proportion and anyone busy defending their Content Management System of choice is going to find the flaws in most of the data out there. The Infographic comparing Drupal, Wordpress and Joomla by DeviousMedia is sufficient for most polite discussion, so I've included it below. Props to Joomla for the IHOP site. I am a big fan of their work.

Yesterday, I spent a great amount of time reading up on Wordpress because  I'm planning to change one of my sites over to Wordpress. The reasoning behind this isn't that Wordpress is better or Drupal is worse, it's far more nefarious.

I want to broaden my skillset.

I've been with Drupal since 2003 and that 7 year itch has persisted for the last year, but it's a little bit more than that as well. It's also about the direction of the projects.

Wired Wisconsin Member


As a company in Beloit, Wisconsin, and as a company that believes in appropriate regulation to permit business growth, KnowProSE LLC is proud to announce that it has joined the ranks of those that support and what it is working toward:

You'll note that there is a link to WiredWisconsin on the top right of the page to show support for the initiative. KnowProSE LLC expects to become a partner of in the future.


I've long advocated the need for all of the things mentioned above in the WiredWisconsin issues all over the world. Now that I'm back in my home state of Wisconsin, it seems appropriate that I continue advocating these things in the backyard of KnowProSE LLC: Wisconsin. In Beloit, Wisconsin, and the greater Janesville area, unemployment is at the highest levels in the State of Wisconsin - and it would be good to see this area, despite GM plant closures, move forward and thrive instead of decay. Innovation, job creation... these seem like positive steps to take after Green Bay won the 2011 SuperBowl. After all, Wisconsin has awesome beer, awesome cheese and awesome beef. And we can be awesome at a lot more.

Get involved. Make things better, wherever you are. And if you're in Wisconsin, this post is a big hint as to where you can get involved.