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Creative Commons Search on Flickr Is AnnoyingYou'll notice I use a lot of images from Flickr - some mine, some others - but all are Creative Commons Licensed. I have a fair amount of images on Flickr, I pay for a pro account and have really no other issues with Flickr but one.

Every time I do a search for a Creative Commons Licensed image - really, the only ones that matter to me since I can use them legally, I have to do go through 5 steps every damned time.

(1) Do a search.

(2) Wait for results to start loading.

(3) Click Advanced Search.

(4) Select the Creative Commons search.

(5) Click 'Search'.

There's no way for me to set this as a default search type. It has been as annoying to do for as long as I can remember, through at least 3 evolutions of Flickr changing their user interface.

If there is one thing Flickr could do, it would be to fix it so that I didn't need all these steps to do what I want and, I might add, what I pay for. It's not that my $25 or so a year entitles me to controlling what Flickr does - but it really would be nice if they addressed this for those of us who contribute toward the Creative Commons and who use it on a regular basis.

C'mon, Flickr. This is really bad ux.

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