Ubuntu: ASUS G74SX

I opted for Ubuntu instead of Gentoo because, for some reason, Gentoo was trying to toss me an AMD64 distro for an i7 through the Universal USB Installer (UUI).With an entire DVD to download, I just opted for Ubuntu. 

I was wiping the drive of all things Windows. Bye bye.

I was having some issues with installing Ubuntu from USB. They seemed to revolve around drive mounting during the install process, so eventually I tried booting to the Ubuntu install on the USB and checked the mount to the drive I was installing to. It seemed OK, but I decided to change it over to bootable LVM. Then I ran the install from within Ubuntu (instead of from the boot option).

Now everything's working. Just putting that out there unless someone else has issues. 

Creating a Software Development Environment

University of Maryland and Sourcefire Announce New Cybersecurity PartnershipI have some ideas that I want to play with, and as I hinted at here, I'm thinking of using C++ if only because some people have already done some of the heavy lifting with content management system frameworks, etc. I don't know that this will be a worthwhile exercise as far as what I would like to see, but almost all exercise is good exercise.

The first step is creating a solid development environment. Toward that end, I'm repurposing my old ASUS G74S - a beast of a machine when it first came out some years ago that will still outperform many new (and cheap) machines. As I write this, it's backing up the old Windows 7 system. 

Because the web is built in Linux, the system will become Linux based - wiped of all that was licensed from Microsoft. Which distro? I'm thinking Gentoo because it will allow me customize the build more easily than some other distros, but I haven't quite decided yet. It could end up being just about any distro.

Since Linux comes with just about all the development tools one needs (or can easily be had), the rest is pretty simple. From there I'll make a build of CppCMS and see whether it will work for what I want to do. I expect it will. Ultimately, I may integrate fuzzylite or a similar library to allow me some ideas on playing with dynamic navigation and tagging. Tossing wxWidgets into the mix, at least during development, seems to be a good idea. 

For backup, I expect I'll use github - at least for now. The objective is to make it Free Software (GPL) if my ideas work out, but I'd also not like to have people scamper off with the general ideas to stick it in proprietary code during development - if it's actually worthwhile. 

Really, I don't know that any of it would be worthwhile, but it's a fun idea for me to flesh out - and it's been a long time since I've had fun doing a project. It's kind of exciting to get started on something I'll enjoy doing. 

Photo Used in NASA Sensing Our Planet (2014)

Rain Through The Window, GuyanaI'm proud to have made a small contribution to NASA's Sensing Our Planet (2014) by allowing use of the photograph on the left. I was surprised that the photo caught someone's eye - it was taken while I was doing some volunteer work at St. Mercy Hospital in Georgetown, Guyana. It was almost a month before my father passed away.

We did set up the network at the cost of some pizza. IBM in Guyana had offered to do it for roughly $50,000 US. Never underestimate the power of pizza. 

One of the many rainy days I was inside, I stuck the camera out and took this shot.

To me, it's normal, but I suppose that to people who have never encountered serious tropical rainfall it's captivating. To those familiar with this sort of rain in that region, they might know the smell of the rain on the pitch and the insistent drumming on the galvanize roof. Sorry, Florida, you really don't see tropical rain unless it's a serious storm or hurricane.

So, with this, I'll close off the KnowProSE blog for 2014 wishing you all the best for 2015.